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Overview of Belgium

Belgium is a small, densely populated country with a population of 10 million over 30 000 km2. Its history, culture and architecture are very rich and complex, having changed hands several times between the Dutch, Spanish, French and German. It resulted in 1830 in the Kingdom of Belgium, made up of 3 regions Flanders (Dutch-speaking), Wallonia (French-speaking) and Brussels (bilingual).

RelocationThe history of the country is important in understanding the ‘sensitivities’ that exist today between the three language sections, the French, Flemish and German. Some background knowledge may also help to placate you through frustrating times in your relocation dealing with local administrations who refuse to communicate in anything other than ‘their’ language.

As a gross generalization, Belgians are modest and bureaucratic and take little pains to sell their country to the outside world. It is, however a country with a tremendous number of qualities and a very comfortable and interesting spot to live, especially as an expatriate. There are international schools and clubs in all shapes and sizes and even the supermarkets have an international aisle. Don’t forget to explore the real Belgium, take a language class and get to know the locals. Only then will you fully reward the experience of living here.

An informative and very readable site covering many aspects of life in Belgium can be found at  Lonely Planet. There is also much useful information on Belgium at Wikipedia.

Tip:  It is well worth considering Cross Cultural Training, before or shortly after arriving.

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